Jennifer's Design & Co. is a boutique design studio with a distinctive eye for elegance in branding. Our studio has transformed businesses across the globe, imbuing once-stale designs with emotion and meaning. We bring a chic luxurious edge to all things branding, websites, and social. So you can stop chasing your ideal clientele and start attracting them.

At Jennifer’s Design & Co, we earned our reputation by creating stellar designs and creative growth strategies on Instagram. Over the years, our reputation has grown alongside our service offerings.

Our clients enjoy the benefit of a streamlined experience, from social media management to one-of-a-kind website design, and creative, thoughtful branding. For us, it’s about your experience. Getting it just right. Dancing with the devil in the details until we create something that is exactly what you have been dreaming of, with results that speak for themselves.

Hello there! I’m Jennifer.- The owner, designer, and visionary behind the brand. I'm so glad you're here.

If you’re looking to transform the way that others experience your business, you’ve stopped by the right place. In 2017, I found my passion for design so decided to follow my dreams and began the small business of Jennifer's Design & Co.- designing cult-worthy Instagram feeds, curating social media accounts and as a hobby designing logos for my clients. Two years later, this small business and hobby developed into a thriving company in which I have had the joy of helping countless brands shine, increase revenue, and explore new sides of themselves. We transform your business so, you can start attracting your ideal clientele.

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Branding Is An Investment. Not an Expense!

The most successful businesses fulfill a purpose and tell a story. They are memorable, remarkable, noteworthy. We know their slogans. We remember their logos. We know their products, and how their services make us feel. We develop brand loyalty, and we trust them time and time again, coming to them with repeat business, spending our hard-earned money on them over their competition.

These businesses have achieved success in the most important area of business: presentation. Their branding tells a story in a moment. Their leadership knows the value of their investment in branding and identity.

Through colour, design, inspirational touches, and typography, we design your brand to tell a vibe and attract the audience you want. We create you a brand identity that will grow alongside your business for years to come.

"Wow!! Jennifer did such a beautiful job on my logo and my entire website. The colours, the added touches, the forms and content she amazing, elegant and professional looking. I literally just handed this over to her and within 2 weeks she launched it! I'm so grateful!"

- The Polished Girl Beauty

"Jennifer truly has an eye for graphic design! She began designing my Instagram page after I had seen some influencers use her in Toronto. I was ecstatic that my page could look so professional, clean and beautiful. I knew from that moment that I needed to hire her to do a full re-vamp of my business branding! To date, Jennifer has designed my website, business cards, gift certificates, logo, instagram, monthly newsletter and has created several forms for my clients to fill out prior to their appts. I will continue to hire her project after project as I truly value her opinion, eye for beauty and marketing with social media & branding. Thanks again Jen" 

- Allure Spa and Wellness

"Jennifer is AMAZING!!! She got the tone and style of what I wanted for my complete overhaul and rebrand exactly down. She’s responds as soon as she can and it doesn’t take her long at all. I chose her Brand Me and My Grid and website and has been the best investment for my business. If you’re in the market for branding or marketing, contact Jennifer!"

- SKW Beauty

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