Welcome to the service where Jennifer's Design & Co. began, in 2016 before all the Instagram design planning apps and even before there were stories or even carousal posts, I discovered that users got more engagement when their feeds were curated cohesively and well branded. So I started a social media management & design business for businesses needing help with their socials. Fast-forward 5 years and here we are today! And still-  Instagram page curation is the best way to add professionalism and increase awareness in your brand.

All businesses and brands, should create a cohesive style that followers will recognize as their brand, especially now more than ever because today- Instagram is very saturated and the algorithm just stinks! Explore our social branding packages below and discover just why it's worth the investment.

We also offer social media management!

If you're interested in this, please get in touch, and we'll send you our brochure. Pricing starts at only $100 week!

Need Help Choosing a Package?

Most of our clients choose the Social Luxe if they already have a well established brand. If you need a main logo, watermarks, or your brands logo updated or refreshed, then the best option is our famous "Brand me and my Grid" as it is the best value for your investment,

*Sparkpost subscription required to upload your brand assets at $10 month.